1. Here I Am

"Here I Am" is an inspirational and stirring release from singer/songwriter Laini Risto. Eloquent and uplifting, this mid tempo pop ballad features a lavish, synth heavy arrangement and a modern, trap-inspired beat that forms an ideal setting for Risto's rich, clear alto vocal, as she delves deep into themes of self-realization and actualization. Fantastic vocal performance, wonderfully warm, rich tone and vibrato. Nice beat design, sounds very contemporary. The lyrics are sublime, absolutely profound, impactful messaging and imagery. Gorgeous melody and sage lyrical content are the hallmarks of this track, that was originally produced in 2003. Laini Risto's "Here I Am" has a lot to offer a more mature pop audience, especially among those seeking wisdom and enlightenment through song.

**Review by Steve Azami at Radio Airplay** November 2021


Here I am, in stories that I know
Feeling safe yet yearning to go.
Time and dreams, partners in a dance,
Choosing steps with every new chance.

Deep in despairHere I Am, standing at the door,
Looking back at life,
As it's been before.
Holding on to dreams
That might have been,
Knowing that this day
Will never come again.

As my spirit's guiding me,
To a place where I am free
To be all that I can be.

Thinking that no one really cared,
I wandered lost and afraid.
But with each new tomorrow,
I can leave this sorrow
And change won't wait for yesterday.

Here I am,
Feet upon new shores.
River deep before me
Crying "There is more".
Ships of dreams, sailing through the stars.
Winds are calling follow your heart.

As my Spirit's guiding me,
To a place where I am free ,
To be all that I can be.

Here I am
Here I am
Here I am.